JButler Group, a new sales management services company, is proud to announce they recently began accepting clients.  JButler Group contracts with clients like you, providing a sales management program that will assure that each individual in your organization who interfaces with the customer will develop the skills to connect your business solutions…to the right people – in the right way – at the right time.  This program will enhance your organization’s daily sales activities with on-going analysis and tracking, coaching/training, and to optimize sales results.  We can help with goal setting and forecasting, hiring, as well as progressive discipline.

The JButler Group team of experienced professionals have spent most of their careers in the trenches leading, coaching and assisting salespeople/sales managers/sales organizations to be more successful. Focused on reaching top line growth and increasing productivity, they have helped distribution sales channels be more capable of competing in the marketplace. Working successfully in both the profit and non-profit sectors, the JButler Group have made a difference and can make a difference for you with a tailored sales management program to meet your specific needs.

For more information, please contact managing partners Jim Butler at (402) 213-4354 or Rick MacInnes at (402) 320-5824.  You can also email them at Jim@jbutlergroup.com or Rick@jbutlergroup.com respectively, or visit their website at jbutlergroup.com.