It’s $5 Store Opens in Omaha-Council Bluffs

On November 17, the first It’s $5 store ( opened in the Omaha-Council Bluffs Metro inside the Mall of the Bluffs, in what once was a JCPenney store. The store has a very unique concept, and while there are others like it in the Midwest, it is the first to the area. Council Bluffs native, Ryan Wager, opened the store in the JCPenney’s old location as it was available and seemed like the perfect niche.

The idea behind the store is to bring the items that big box stores and online retailers cannot sell to consumers for minimum prices. Ryan gets overstock items from big box and online retailers, processes them into bins, and sells them to the public. The prices are listed by days and are as follows:

  • Saturday and Sunday – every item is $5
  • Monday – receive two items for $5
  • Tuesday – receive three items for $5
  • Wednesday – receive 5 items for $5
  • Thursday – receive 10 items for $5
  • Friday – restock and refresh store

Each week, the store closes on Friday, when new inventory comes in. Boxes filled with products are dumped onto a sorting table. Amid the piles, shoppers can find clothing, makeup, books, kitchenware, costumes, food, and even an occasional computer or cell phone. All of the items are new and unused.

The new local It’s $5 store is located at 1751 Madison Ave. in Council Bluffs. Stop by for unbelievable bargains! For more information, visit or give them a call at (712) 890-5080. The store is also currently hiring, so contact for employement opportunities.