Insphere Insurance Solutions recently announced that they have officially changed the name of the company to HealthMarkets Insurance Agency.  They are still the same insurance agency you already know and trust—just with a new name!  HealthMarkets will still be offering the same great health and related insurance products, and have also made it easier than ever for you to research and purchase insurance—whether it’s in person, over the phone, or online. As HealthMarkets Insurance Agency, they will continue to give you the personal service you depend on to make smart decisions about the insurance you purchased to help protect you financially.

HealthMarkets Insurance Agency, formerly Insphere Insurance Solutions, is one of the fastest growing insurance distribution companies in America providing real solutions for unmet needs in life, health, retirement and long-term care insurance products.  With more people moving from employer-provided coverage into the individual market, many must now make important decisions about their insurance coverage on their own. There are also more product options than ever before, and more ways for people to buy coverage. HealthMarkets is a trusted source for information and resources to ensure you make the best decisions for your specific insurance needs.  For more information about HealthMarkets Insurance Agency, visit