Control System Integration Association (CSIA) has for the seventh straight time named Huffman Engineering Inc. (HEI) ( a certified CSIA company. The comprehensive audit of operational practices including business development, project execution, financial tracking, information technology, human resources and general management is conducted by an independent third-party firm. Achieving a Certified Member distinction indicates a company has met stringent standards, is financially healthy and can complete projects in a professional and technically sound way. Ultimately, certification provides benefits by ensuring high quality, performance and long-term project support.

As the first Nebraska company to achieve CSIA certification, HEI is proud to be recognized once again for its dedication to best practices, business management and project execution bringing customers an additional vote of confidence as they put their trust in them to do the complicated work of control systems engineering. Huffman Engineering, Inc. has also been inducted into the System Integrator Hall of Fame.

“After seven audits, many of which I had the pleasure to do, you can really see the intensity with which Huffman attacks the implementation of the best practices,” commented Don Roberts, the Exotek Auditor. “In the latest audit, they had over 20 people participating in the audit and many of them were relatively new to the company. They have embraced the process as a both a way to improve the company and to train their new employees.”

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