HubWise and LightEdge Team Up to Provide the Total Technology Package

HubWise Technology ( and LightEdge Solutions, Inc. ( have recently announced their partnership to ensure that customers’ networks are secure 24/7/365. This strategic partnership will allow customers to have their networks managed and computers monitored constantly.

HubWise will provide network monitoring, data backup, network security, and network intelligence. HubWise works with clients daily to plan, communicate, and deliver on network needs. Their guarantee is that you will enthusiastically recommend them once their services or products are delivered.

LightEdge brings a reduced risk of non-compliance, high-density cloud computing environments, and an advanced network backbone to serve next-gen computing requirements. LightEdge is a top provider of compliant hosting, data protection, and collocation services. Their rigorous audit procedures and compliance certifications allow them to meet or exceed all top industry standards. If you want additional information, visit their website at or call at (515) 471-1000.

The HubWise and LightEdge total technology package is ideal for you if: you are audited against various compliance standards (HIPAA, HITECH, PCI DSS, NIST, etc.); you are looking to have your network, applications, and internet monitored 24/7/365; uninterrupted performance of IT operations and systems is critical; and all elements of your business hinge on the dependability of your technology to deliver vital information right when you need it. To learn more, visit or call (402) 339-7441.