House of Conundrum Opens Online Booking for “The Final Frontier” Escape Room

House of Conundrum ( recently made “The Final Frontier,” a space-themed escape room reminiscent of Star Trek, available to book online. The newest escape room is full of new and exciting clues for you to explore and (hopefully!) escape in time. Completion rate for the room thus far is 7%. House of Conundrum Owner John Comstock takes pride in creating truly challenging escape rooms, though challenge level varies from room to room. The recommended age for “The Final Frontier” escape room is 15+ years. As the tagline goes, “Live long and puzzle!”

House of Conundrum has a captivating variety of themed escaped rooms that can take you away from the world for an intense hour of mystery-cracking and team problem-solving—a sure way to produce lots of laughs and good memories! Sometimes you can even get a discount for larger groups. Room categories range from classic and premium to deluxe, so you can choose your own adventure. House of Conundrum’s escape rooms are suitable for team building among friends, family, and even office staff.

House of Conundrum is a unique local escape house providing thrilling mysteries and puzzles for young and old. They take pride in creating truly challenging escape rooms. To learn more or to book an experience today, visit or call (402) 250-2300.