FotoFunSpot ( has been an Omaha staple for events for many years with their constantly evolving products and services. While their main goal is to remain at the top of the photo booth game in the area, another goal is to have the highest-tech photo booth experiences available. They have just recently attained the newest tech in the SketchBot. The SketchBot is a uniquely engineered robot that creates incredibly accurate sketched portraits in less than a minute.

SketchBot is simple and fun. FotoFunSpots photo booth attendants take your photo and that’s when the SketchBot works its magic. Just give it a writing utensil and it begins drawing the most accurate sketch you’ve ever seen! Clients and guests alike will be amazed by this accurate depiction of their face.

FotoFunSpot is a leading provider of photo and video entertainment experiences, offering high-quality photo booth experiences for customers in various events such as weddings, parties and corporate events. With their cutting-edge technology and attention to detail, FotoFunSpot delivers an unforgettable photo booth experience for all their customers. For more information about FotoFunSpot and their services, please visit