First Aid Cellular is pleased to announce the opening of their new store in the Westwood Shopping Plaza near 120th and West Center Road.  Manager Jeffrey Wharton is a 12 year United States Air Force veteran.

First Aid Cellular focuses on the everyday user to corporations that don’t want to carry the added cost of insurance on company phones. For our corporate customers we offer a special program to repair and re-use devices until end of life.  We can salvage un-repairable phones and re-use the serviceable parts in phones that are in the field that encounter problems.  In addition, they have created a parts inventory system for the company’s phone fleet.  This further saves money by just paying for labor rates on replacing the parts.  Most repairs are done the same day by appointment and they also offer mail in service. First Aid Cellular is looking at franchising options to expand nationwide.

First Aid Cellular is a veteran owned mobile device and cellular phone repair service servicing the greater Omaha area headed by Chief Executive Officer Max Wharton, United States Army (retired). They offer competitive pricing compared to national retailers and quick turnaround time.

For more information about First Aid Cellular, please call (402) 403-5808, toll free 1-855-866-4FIX (4349) or visit them on the web at