“Function. Fashion. Freedom.” That is the essence of the latest fashion accessory that is sweeping the nation. The clutch wrap by SHOLDIT, invented in Omaha, is the result of fusing together the functionality of a purse and the iconic fashion of an infiniti scarf.
Created to allow a hands-free approach to carrying important items, the clutch wrap quickly made a splash in New York City earlier this year at the 2012 Accessories The Show. It was touted as one of the most innovative fashion accessories they had seen in years.

“Imagine going through the airport, shopping at the mall, gambling at the casino, and even playing in the park with your kids, all with the ability to keep your important items close to you while being completely hands-free and fashionable,” explains team member, Brian Thamm. “That is the beauty of the clutch wrap. It gives the peace of mind that keys, phones, and money are safely secure without having to carry a handbag.”

The clutch wraps by SHOLDIT are currently available in local retail stores in the Omaha area, such as Skyz Boutique, J’Amour, Ameristar, and Ginas Nevertheless Skincare at Avalon  as well as a few casinos and boutiques nationwide.

“We’re so pleased to be able to launch this exciting product in Omaha. Everyone involved is from Omaha, and while we’re aggressively moving to a nation-wide presence, operations will stay here locally,” says Thamm.

SHOLDIT is pleased to announce the launch of their new website which will introduce and showcase the versatility of the product in a new video also done locally.

For more information about SHOLDIT and to shop online, please visit www.SHOLDIT.com or email hello@SHOLDIT.com.