As full-service engineering from design to implementation and automation needs have grown in the Midwest, Huffman Engineering ( has experienced growth right alongside their valued customers in the highly regulated industrial and utility space. 2023 was a tremendous year of growth at Huffman Engineering, Inc. Last year, they welcomed a talented team of professionals with diverse experience to join their team. New team members include:

  • Sarah Lewis – Mechanical Engineer
  • Nathan Bilyeu – Mechanical Engineer
  • Maggie Dixon – Quantitative Bio Sciences Engineer
  • Dennis Tran – Computer Engineer
  • Caleb Feagans – Chemical Engineer
  • Sydney Asbury – Mechanical Engineer
  • Cole Vaske – Computer Software Engineer
  • Scott Woodward – Senior Network Specialist
  • Caleb Williams – CAD Controls Technician
  • Mike Obst – Customer Manager Folders
  • Jeni Fuchs – Human Resources Generalist

This team brings with them experience in Mechanical, Chemical, Computer, Computer Software and Quantitative Bio Sciences engineering as well as IT/Networking, senior management experience, HMI & CAD design and HR experience.

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