Management training is an essential component of every Worksite Lactation Program, in order to provide support to breastfeeding employees in the workplace.  ELITE Lactation Professionals is pleased to announce they will be holding a management training seminar on Tuesday June 25th from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. at the La Vista Conference Center.  Topics covered will include:  Strategies to Decrease Costs and Retain Employees, Breastfeeding–A Public Health Issue, Fair Labor Standard Act, Creating a Supportive Culture, Effective Communication, Policies and Best Practices Essential for Worksite Lactation Program Liability.  This seminar is directed at any manager who may oversee a breastfeeding employee, as well as human resource and wellness management personnel.

ELITE Lactation Professionals specialize in customized individual and worksite lactation programs.  Their mission is to promote breastfeeding as normal and support breastfeeding mothers wherever they are.

For more information about ELITE Lactation Professionals or to register for current programs, please call (402) 915-1559 or visit their website at