Pierce Technologies and its sister company, eGrowth Marketing, have reached a milestone! These companies have 10 years business to celebrate. That’s ten years of helping local businesses strategize, analyze, and implement an effective online presence, as well as offering reliable and personal IT support.

“10 years is something we’re very proud of,” says co-owner, Sally Cohen, “Our duration is a testament to our ability to maximize our resources and our clients’ resources and turn them into creative solutions and a competitive edge.”  The past few years have seen eGrowth Marketing and Pierce Technologies expand with a move to a new office at 12107 Emmet Street and the years to come will only see more growth along with Omaha. “The best way we can think to celebrate the occasion is by making even more business connections and taking on even more challenges,” adds Cohen.

Pierce Technologies offers expert hardware and technical support, and eGrowth Marketing works to blend marketing with traditional sales channels and new internet solutions.

For more information, please contact Pierce Technologies or eGrowth Marketing at (402) 884-0030 or info@egrowthmarketing.com.