Edge Banding Made Easy at Midwest Woodworkers

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Midwest Woodworkers (www.midwestwoodworkers.com) has the new Festool Conturo Edge Bander on display and in stock.  Its primary application is the affixing of wooden, plastic or laminated plastic edging to panel materials.  The Conturo is ideal for any size workshop and is a simple, yet versatile portable edge banding solution. It can apply edges to straight surfaces, curves, radii, convex shapes, concave shapes, and internal corners.

With the Conturo Edge Bander, it’s just as easy to apply edge banding on the job site as it is in the shop. The Conturo compliments large stationary edge banding machines by giving you a way to work with circular pieces, bevels and small pieces.

Gerry Phelan, owner of Midwest Woodworkers says “The Conturo is a slick solution to edge banding.  You get quick, solid application with no glue mess or cleanup.”

The Conturo offers exceptional ergonomic design, dual speeds, and a unique patented hot melt glue adhesive system. There’s no risk of burns because the glue system is thermally isolated.

See the Conturo and the entire Festool line of quality tools at Midwest Woodworker’s showroom at 144605 Wright Street in Omaha, Nebraska.  Or if you would like more information, you can contact Gerry Phelan at gerry@midwestwoodworkers.com or by phone at (402) 330-5444.

Midwest Woodworkers (www.midwestwoodworkers.com) is a locally owned retailer supplying hardwoods and fine woodworking tools and supplies to the Omaha community for over thirty years.

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