Echo Systems Featuring Mac-Based Savant Control System in Omaha, Nebraska

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Echo Systems specializes in streamlined home automation systems and is the region’s leading provider of Savant, a Mac-based control system which allows their clients to use existing Apple devices to interact with their home.

This technology works remotely from anywhere in the world. If you have an internet connection, you can control the home. Want the air conditioning running when you walk through the door on a hot summer day? Turn it on using your iPhone! Want to create the perfect mood for dinner in advance? Savant can dim the lights and mix the music just as you planned. Savant can also coordinate your thermostats and motorized window shades to improve energy efficiency. It’ll save you money—and the effort of thinking about it. This system can even text you to say ‘the front door is unlocked’. Lock it instantly—your home is within reach, even from miles away.

In the past home automation was only for luxury homes because of cost barriers, but with the iPad and iPhone, those costs are getting lower so the average homeowner can now afford to put automation directly into the home for security, lighting control, and entertainment. Echo Systems has unique and elegant options for every taste and function.

For more information about Echo Systems, call (402) 334-4900, find them online at or on Facebook.

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