Eat Well Nutrition & Wellness, Inc. recently opened its doors for business in October 2014, offering services in Omaha and surrounding areas. The new local business is owned and operated by Kathi Bratberg, RN, M.S., who is a Certified Nutrition Professional (CNP) and board certified in Holistic Nutrition®. The mission of Eat Well Nutrition & Wellness is to guide, support and respect each client as he or she reaches towards better health through nutrition, education and lifestyle management with self-empowerment being the final outcome of the holistic paradigm.

Our health is strongly tied to the health of the land the crops are grown in and the animals that eat from that land. To maintain health we need clean water, healthy food, clean air, proper movement, community, and love and gratitude for positive mental health. By learning and practicing these tenets we not only support our own health but support cleaner farming and manufacturing practices, which support a healthier environment. Bratberg seeks to educate and empower her clients in order to change unhealthy habits and to learn new ones in order to see positive changes in their own health.

For more information about Eat Well Nutrition & Wellness, Inc., please contact Kathi Bratberg at (402) 740-6655, via email at, or visit the website at