Eat Well Nutrition & Wellness, Inc. Moving to New Location

Eat Well Nutrition & Wellness, Inc. ( is excited to announce they have moved into Tomato Tomato, Nebraska’s Indoor Farmers Market.  Effective August 1st, they will be conveniently located at 2634 S. 156th Circle on the corner of 156th and W Center Rd.  The transition into the multi-farm Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program is a natural fit for Eat Well Nutrition & Wellness, Inc.  CSA has become a very popular way to get healthy local foods and support your local farm economy at the same time.

Eat Well Nutrition & Wellness, Inc. was founded to provide education, guidance and support to help clients maintain health through nutrition and life style management, with a holistic focus.  Eat Well Nutrition & Wellness, Inc. opened its doors for business in October 2014, offering services in Omaha and surrounding areas. The new local business is owned and operated by Kathi Bratberg, RN, M.S., who is a Certified Nutrition Professional (CNP) and Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition®. The mission of Eat Well Nutrition & Wellness is to guide, support and respect each client as he or she reaches towards better health through nutrition, education and lifestyle management with self-empowerment being the final outcome of the holistic paradigm.

For more information about Eat Well Nutrition & Wellness, Inc., please contact Kathi Bratberg at (402) 740-6655, via email at, or visit the website at

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