Dundee Bank Installs New Solar Panels to Get Branch Running on Clean Energy

Dundee Bank (dundeebanking.com) installed new rooftop solar panels that have the bank now running on sustainable, clean energy. The bank worked with Boyd Jones to complete the installation of a solar photovoltaic (PV) system atop their location at 5015 Underwood Ave. The new system will reduce the branch’s carbon footprint and generate an estimated 14,400 kilowatt-hours of electricity annually, or roughly the amount of energy consumed by 16 Omaha households in an average month.

The solar-panel installation is the most recent in Dundee Bank’s ongoing commitment to sustainability. Other completed parts of their green initiative include:

  • Obtaining the first Powered Locally Certification from Bluestem Energy Solutions
  • Implementing a zero-waste initiative with Hillside Solutions
  • Working with Verdis Group to explore reduction and offset of greenhouse-gas emissions
  • Adding a zero-waste coffee bar and water dispenser that eliminated single-use plastics
  • Using post-consumer paper

Dundee Bank opened its original Omaha location in the heart of the Dundee neighborhood in 2006 and a second location in the Blackstone District in 2015. The locally owned bank prides itself on personal service and a focus on community. Nearly 100% of the bank’s deposits are invested back into the community. To learn more, visit dundeebanking.com.