Duncan Aviation Recognized as Corporate Blood Drive Sponsor of the Year

Nebraska Community Blood Bank (NCBB; NCBB.org) recognizes Duncan Aviation as its Corporate Sponsor of the Year, honoring Duncan employees for donating more blood than any other corporate partner in 2018.

Duncan beat out its blood collection challenger, Zoetis, by just 10 units. Both organizations host blood drives every other month with NCBB, and together generously donated nearly 1,000 units of blood in 2018.

“We are so thankful for our corporate sponsors who make blood donation part of their mission,” said Jami Kassebaum, NCBB donor recruitment assistant manager. “Nearly half of the blood we collect comes from blood drives held by volunteer sponsors. These partnerships are vital to ensuring we have a stable blood supply for our Nebraska hospitals.”

NCBB needs about 1,000 blood donors every week to meet the needs of patients at the 19 hospitals and medical facilities we serve. For many donors, it’s the convenience of on-site blood drives that gets them in the donation chair for the very first time.

“When businesses and organizations sponsor blood drives they are providing a convenient donation experience for the employees. This keeps them donating time after time,” Kassebaum said. “We need more organizations and businesses to host blood drives to grow our donor base and continue to provide blood to the people we live and work with.”

If you’re interested in hosting a blood drive or want to join the friendly competition, call Nebraska Community Blood Bank at (402) 486-9427 or email blooddrives@NCBB.org. For more information, call 1-877-486-9414 or visit NCBB.org. Connect with NCBB on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.