Don Shafer Display, Inc., an Omaha company that creates signs, banners, displays, decals, and more, is celebrating the recent release of the new

“We’re thrilled with our new website,” exclaimed owner Marie Shafer. “We wanted something that was friendly, professional, and told our story, and that’s what we have.”

Family owned and operated, Don Shafer Display, Inc. has been in the business of creating signs, banners, displays, decals, and more for over 45 years. “My late husband started the company at my encouragement,” explained Marie. “He had all of this artistic talent that was going to waste.”

When family patriarch Don Shafer started the company in 1964, he couldn’t have anticipated the level of national success it would achieve.

“Over the years, our work has been sought after by such organizations as the NCAA, NBA, WNBA, College World Series, and Jimmy V Classic,” said Marie. “We’ve appeared in TV shows like 30 Rock and One Tree Hill, and in movies like Love and Basketball and Blue Chips.”
“Sadly, Don died last fall, leaving the family business to me and my daughters,” explained Marie. “We’re proud to be carrying the torch and continuing his legacy.”

“Our last website was outdated, so one of the first things we decided to do was create a new, modern website from scratch. In this day and age, people judge businesses based on how their website looks.”

“We needed our online presence to reflect our high level of professionalism and show how bright we shine in the industry. It was also important that the new website be rich in our history, so you’ll find sentimental stories and family facts sprinkled throughout the website.”

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