DoMore Consulting Company to Introduce Crestcom Training Program in Omaha

DoMore Consulting Company (, led by James Mackiewicz, is excited to introduce the Crestcom International, LLC ( training program to the greater Omaha area. James is an authorized licensee of Crestcom, and he is proud bring their valuable leadership materials and resources to the area. Leadership development is key to improving results, ensuring growth, and eliminating many recurring business issues. DoMore Consulting specifically offers leadership development for managers and direct coaching for financial advisors.

Crestcom International is an established leadership development organization, training more than one million leaders for 25,000 businesses in over 60 countries across the globe. Crestcom achieves this through a blend of live-facilitated multimedia video, interactive exercises, and shared learning experiences. Crestcom implements action plans and coaching accountability sessions to ensure measured development in 12 key leadership competency areas.

Employ DoMore Consulting Company to take advantage of Crestcom International, LLC’s materials so that you can go from being a manager to being a leader—there is a difference. Learn more online at or contact James directly at (402) 399-9239 /