Register today for a Ribbon Cutting to celebrate the opening of Dirty Dough Cookies ( in La Vista! The Ribbon Cutting will take place March 4 from 4 to 4:40 p.m. at 12434 Southport Pkwy, STE 400, La Vista, NE. The occasion marks the introduction of an innovative and indulgent cookie experience, setting Dirty Dough apart from the ordinary.

Other guys have cookies. Dirty Dough has super-stuffed cookie bombs! You won’t find a thicker, softer, more gooey or flavorful cookie than the ones from Dirty Dough. The “Dirty” refers to all of the fillings, mix-ins and layers that go into their special cookie process.

Dirty Dough brings one-of-a-kind cookies to the masses. Dirty Dough cookies are engineered from the inside out, with every cookie featuring some combination of layers, mix-ins or filling within the dough. The unique flavor profiles and trademark gooey goodness of their cookies sets them apart from other cookie-cutter brands.

They aren’t trying to win any beauty contest with their cookies. They don’t care about being picture-perfect – cookies are for eating! Driven by the belief that the best people and cookies go deeper than what you see on the surface, they focus on what’s inside. That’s what really matters.

The Ribbon Cutting event is not just a celebration of the opening; it’s an invitation to experience the extraordinary richness and flavor that lies beneath the surface of Dirty Dough’s exceptional cookies. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to indulge in the goodness that Dirty Dough Cookies brings to the community.

From dough to door, Dirty Dough brings a sweet, multi-layer story that goes beyond the toppings – helping audiences get in touch with their “fillings.” Learn more at