Daily YayMaker Receives Event Sponsorship from ENable and First National Bank

Daily YayMaker (www.dailyyaymaker.com), an event and travel consulting business for individuals with unique needs, is grateful to ENable and First National Bank for sponsoring an overnight event in Kansas City this month. The group is also looking for sponsorship support for spring break events, and they would love to go see a play such as A Christmas Carol during the holidays.

The Daily YayMaker also recently started a respite bed and breakfast for individuals with intellectual disabilities, The Daily House Respite B&B. The vision of The Daily House is to provide jobs to people with disabilities, such as a cook, barista, security guard, or a landscape manager at the bed and breakfast! Please contact Dawna at (402) 206-3092 / dailyyaymakerne@gmail.com if you would be interested in sponsoring any upcoming events or would like to support the growth of the The Daily House B&B. Go online to www.dailyyaymaker.com to learn more or connect on Facebook (@thedailyhouse).