Custom Concrete Coatings is pleased to announce they are now offering a Variegate Stain sealer to give your concrete a fresh new look.  This product eliminates the need for acid staining or dye staining of concrete and achieves a variegated acid stain look with one or more color combinations. One of the numerous benefits of the coating is that it exceeds the life cycle of regular acid stain or dye stained concrete by up to 10 times. The product can be applied quickly so your service areas can return to use in as little as two hours after completion. The stain sealer will give your floor a tough, hard finish that seals the concrete and also withstands hot tire attack without failure. The variegate stain is also impervious to chemicals, oils, kerosene, gasoline, and even mild acids. Another added benefit of this product is there will not be any fading or yellowing of the coating as it ages, if with exposure to UV light.

Custom Concrete Coatings offers a full line of concrete coating products.

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