Control Depot ( is thrilled to be offering the Honeywell HON-9000 Building Automation Controller; the next evolution from Honeywell Building Automation Systems. Tridium’s improved hardware platform optimizes the new features of Niagara 4 and includes a number of exciting advancements.

The Honeywell HON-9000 controller is a compact, embedded IoT (Internet of Things) controller and server platform for connecting multiple Building Automation System Control devices and sub-systems. Designed for scalability, the HON-9000 can support numerous data points and devices making it suitable for almost any size project or application. Not everything in a building is internet protocol (IP)-based. The HON-9000 is the integration platform for IP and serial-based systems and is ideal for retrofit and legacy systems as well as new construction. With a Quad Core processor, double storage and RAM, the HON-9000 controller offers increased performance and capacity with faster boot up and station load time. The HON-9000 controller is fully compatible with existing expansion modules and the same footprint as past modules allow for seamless replacement for future updates. With its increased performance, greater security and seamless compatibility, the HON-9000 is the next evolution in Honeywell Building Automation Controls.

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