Expanding High-Speed Connectivity to Omaha Residents and Businesses

FiberFirst (fiberfirst.com), a Texas-based internet service provider (ISP), launched its fiber internet services in Omaha, near the end of 2023 and has only continued to grow, making a significant footprint in the Omaha community. As part of its ongoing partnership with Ubiquity, a private infrastructure investment firm specializing in critical communications infrastructure, FiberFirst is operational as an ISP on Ubiquity’s open-access network in Omaha.

“We are thrilled to bring FiberFirst to the community of Omaha, Nebraska, and we look forward to being a partner of the community for years to come,” stated Bryan Davis, Executive Vice President of Sales and Service at FiberFirst.

The initial neighborhoods to experience FiberFirst’s services are predominantly in northeast and north Omaha, including Dundee, Benson, Morton Meadows, Florence and surrounding areas. The company aims to serve the Omaha community by providing high-speed, multi-gigabit- capable internet services, whole-home Wi-Fi and streaming TV. FiberFirst’s service plans encompass up to 5 GB speeds for homes and tailored multi-gigabit solutions for businesses, all without data caps or additional fees.

The launch of FiberFirst services in Omaha is a significant milestone for the company’s growth. Following its growing footprint in Texas, the recent move marked FiberFirst’s second official state of operation, showcasing its commitment to broadening its service footprint. The company has since launched further offerings in Mesa, Arizona, as a third state of operation and plans to explore further expansion opportunities in the near future.

FiberFirst is a leading fiber internet service provider, driving the digital revolution with hyper-local connectivity solutions. With corporate headquarters in Texas, it has rapidly expanded to multiple states, bringing next-generation multi-gigabit internet connections powered by 100% fiber optic networks. Beyond delivering unparalleled speed and reliability to homes and businesses, they are committed to actively supporting the communities it serves. FiberFirst’s locally based support teams prioritize community engagement by actively participating in local events, partnering with community organizations and fostering meaningful relationships with residents and businesses alike. For more information about its transformative services and community initiatives, visit fiberfirst.com.