Compass Benefit Advisors is excited to announce that they have brought together two areas of specialization to bring more value to businesses.  In addition to their current specialization of Employee Benefit Consulting, they now also offer Wealth Strategy Planning for business owners.

With over 33 years of combined experience, Sam Nigro and Tim Flott are dedicated to helping businesses manage both the known and unknown.  Every day businesses face challenges such as Health Care Reform, economic pressure, and cash flow.  As an independent full service firm our duty is to our clients, it is their responsibility to provide a level of value that helps you meet your needs while exceeding your expectations.  Establishing your trust and maintaining a very strong relationship is their number one priority.  Their competitive advantage is that they are not looking to be the biggest firm, but rather the best firm.  They strive to give their clients the attention they deserve!  As a member of Compass Benefit Advisors you can have the confidence of knowing that they will help you navigate through life’s uncertainties.  Let Compass Be Your Guide!

For more information about Compass Benefit Advisors, please visit or call (402) 779-7343.