Clothes Mentor Omaha ( believes that sustainable fashion matters and offers a greener approach to thrifting. It is proud to lead the industry in promoting a more sustainable approach to fashion. Traditional clothing industries encourage fast-fashion and practices that pose perilous environmental consequences such as pollution, resource exploitation and landfill abundance. Clothes Mentor Omaha shows how fashion doesn’t have to fit the traditional, environmentally harmful narrative.

Clothes Mentor positively impacts the planet but also its customers and is excited to celebrate a whole year of such influence! Thrifting at secondhand shops such as Clothes mentor breaks the detrimental cycle of wasteful consumerism. What’s more? Customers of Clothes Mentor can expect to reap the benefits of high-quality clothing for less money, a timeless wardrobe that will never go out of style and advocating for a greener fashion future.

Clothes Mentor understands that customer convenience matters, so thrifting is possible both online and in stores. Shopping online means spending less time finding the perfect thrifted piece, but if an in-store experience is more preferred, Clothes Mentor staff is excited to help find the perfect wardrobe additions.

Clothes Mentor has clothes, shoes and accessories from some of the most popular brands and top designers in the world. With fresh drops daily and customer-focused prices, Clothes Mentor is the ideal option for fresh looks. Visit Clothes Mentor Omaha at 14937 Evans Plaza or for stylish and sustainable looks!