Owner Susan Petri and staff are excited to celebrate one year of encouraging a healthy lifestyle through nutrition at Clean Eatz–Omaha (cleaneatz.com). Clean Eatz–Omaha, located at 920 S. 107th Ave., STE 110, is a restaurant that offers a variety of healthy and delicious food options at an affordable price. Their dine-in café menu includes everything from burgers and wraps to flatbreads and smoothies and much more.

Clean Eatz also provides a weekly meal plan service. A new menu goes live on the Clean Eatz website every Tuesday–see cleaneatz.com. For your convenience, simply place an order online or through their app, pick the order up and take it home to heat and enjoy. Most Clean Eatz meals are less than 500 calories and very affordable.

In addition to the Clean Eatz café menu, food lovers can also subscribe to a weekly meal plan email at no charge and count on Clean Eatz to cater all kinds of events. To sign up for their weekly emails, visit locations.cleaneatz.com/ne/omaha/meal-prep-124.html.

Clean Eatz is passionate about providing healthy food options in Omaha and offering healthy food education and support to change the lives in the community. For more information, call (531) 867-4909, or visit cleaneatz.com.