The Alzheimer’s Association National Organization, based in Chicago, IL, unveiled its online Annual Report for 2012. The report was designed by Chip Thompson of Omaha.

Brett Armstrong, Senior Associate Director, Strategic Communications, Alzheimer’s Association National Organization, talked of working with Chip, “He is an excellent communicator who both gives and receives feedback gracefully. The best part of working with Chip was that he just “got it” right away – he understood what I wanted and offered creative solutions when we hit a roadblock. An extremely talented designer that I look forward to working with again!”

The report can be viewed at

Chip Thompson has been working in the field of design and marketing for over 22 years. Six years ago, he started his own company, Chip Thompson Design and Marketing, Inc. He currently serves clients that span many industries–healthcare to technology to accounting, and range from small, local businesses and non-profits to national, multi-billion dollar firms. Thompson has won many awards for his design style and creative approach to marketing challenges. His design work has appeared in many publications including Time Magazine and BusinessWeek.

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