January 18, 2012 marked five years in business for Omaha based Chip Thompson Design & Marketing. Thompson has spent the last five years honing his unique style and building a marketing-savvy client base. “My clients want to be rock stars…and that’s what I strive to deliver through the bold visual statements I make regardless of the medium. I’m one of my clients’ biggest fans and I’m passionate about helping them grow their businesses. That’s one of the things that sets my company apart.”

Chip Thompson’s client base spans industries, sizes and locations. “I provide comprehensive marketing for most of my clients…website, print and marketing strategy. This promotes a consistent message that is particularly important in a marketplace full of distractions and it also allows me to make adjustments as companies grow in strength and focus.” Thompson adds, “A strong marketing background is one of things that makes my offering unique…everything I design is backed by marketing objectives. One of my favorite campaigns over the years was the “Kicking Assets, Taking Names” campaign I designed for Bland & Associates. They took a risk with an “outside-the-box” message and it was wildly successful for them.” Thompson looks forward to the next five years.

For more information about Chip Thompson Design & Marketing, please visit http://chipthompson.com.