Mike Gerst, founder and President of Buy It Local Omaha and Joe Frost, newly elected president, announced that BILO logo has been updated to reflect the non-profit organizations expansion and a new vision for the future.

Their logo now reflects increased demand for their membership services from business which are headquartered in the four major counties that make up metropolitan Omaha.  These include Douglas, Sarpy, Washington and Pottawattamie counties. This goes hand in hand with their new vision statement that truly defines the importance they play in the health of our local ecomony; “Every locally owned business and every locally manufactured product will have a BILO logo that consumers will look for and support!”

BILO’s membership has grown to over 140 businesses with over eight joining recently and a six month target of over 500.  Each business will have access to a “Buy It Local Omaha” decal for the consumer to easily recognize when selecting locally owned business and franchises to buy from.

For more information, visit www.buyitlocalomaha.org or contact Mike Gerst at (402) 289-1010.