Business Ethics Alliance to Focus on Moral Courage in Daily Life and in Business

At its EthicSpace Conference on October 13, the Business Ethics Alliance will focus on the concept of moral courage, both in daily life and in business. Especially this year, every person and business owner has had to make tough decisions, and being able to come to a definitive answer that’s in line with their values and can endure associated backlash is an example of moral courage. In short, it is defined as having consistent ethical behavior even when it is difficult, unpopular, or comes at a cost. Being morally courageous includes thinking about all the possible outcomes and dangers that can come with making a tough call or stance.

At the annual EthicSpace conference this year, the Business Ethics Alliance will talk about ethics under pressure and maintaining moral courage in the face of ethical adversity. The online conference features guest speakers Second City Works and Don Eckles, co-founder of Scooters Coffee, who will talk about the importance of communication in making tough decisions. Being transparent with employees about what actions you want them to take is crucial in having your employees act ethically—and while being morally courageous is an intentional life-long endeavor, there is no guarantee for a happy ending, as danger exists in virtually every decision or stance. That’s where the Business Ethics Alliance comes in.

The Business Ethics Alliance—the Greater Omaha Alliance for Business Ethics at Creighton University—is the nation’s leading nonprofit dedicated to city-level business ethics education. For more information, visit or follow them on Facebook (@BusinessEthicsAlliance) or LinkedIn (@business-ethics-alliance-omaha).