Jim Young, chairman of Union Pacific was presented with the Beacon of Ethics® Award on March 4 by Business Ethics Alliance of Omaha executive director, Dr. Beverly Kracher, during a private ceremony held at Union Pacific.  This award was bestowed upon Young based on his distinguished leadership, consistent message of respecting employees and focus on customer engagement. Kracher highlighted Young’s example of profits with integrity and how it provides a role model for the entire business and civic community – from students and young professionals to seasoned executives.  The Beacon of Ethics® Award is a prestigious honor given to individuals who have exhibited a life-long dedication to integrity and civic responsibility while guiding and leading others toward ethical excellence, and past recipients include William Bennett, Madeleine Albright, Muhammed Yunus, Mary Robinson, and Reuben Mark.

The Business Ethics Alliance of Omaha is a one-of-a-kind, community-based initiative comprised of small, medium and large companies committed to “Proving the Right Things Work”. Their purpose is to further the level of ethical dialogue and education and to measure and analyze its impact.

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