Bryson Airboat Tours Refers Business to River Life Tours After Flood

logo-bryson-airboat-toursThe flooding this year was unkind to many, including Tim Bryson, owner of Bryson Airboat Tours in Fremont. As a result, Bryson is referring people to River Life Airboat Tours (, another Platte River excursion experience. Let owner and operator, Kyle Kern, be your guide on a River Life Airboat Tour. Raised in Cedar Bluffs, NE, Kern has been a member of the Nebraska Airboat Association since 2009 and has served on the board as a director since 2013. He knows the ins and outs of the river and will show you and your group a fantastic time!

Bryson Airboat Tours will spend this season rebuilding and cleaning up the land that was washed away by the river during the flooding. Tim started out his business with a dream to give cancer patients and folks with disabilities a chance to experience the outdoors. Over the years, he has taken thousands of groups on boat rides in the Platte River, educating them on Nebraska’s history and wildlife along the way. Bryson is very determined to get his business back up and running.

Airboat Tours are a great way to spend quality outdoor time with your family and friends on the Platte River. You’ll skim across the waters of Nebraska at speeds up to 50 miles per hour. Each ride is an adventure in itself, offering a chance to see bald eagles, deer, and other unique Nebraska wonders.

To schedule your next adventure with River Life Airboat Tours, go online to or contact Kyle Kern at / (402) 699-4489.