Bluffs Logistics ( is excited to offer services between Nebraska and South Dakota with their expansion north. The South Dakota extension is known as Siouxland Logistical Solutions.

Bluffs Logistics transports critical deliveries including parts, organs, blood, pharmaceuticals, and documents around the country. They utilize vehicles ranging from cars, SUVs, and high-top transit vans. Their business uses a cloud-based client portal that allows clients to enter, track, and receive important data like times and signatures. The portal also allows clients to input any specific instructions for their customers. For example, when delivering prescriptions to a home, if the customer has a hard time hearing the doorbell, they may prefer to be called upon arrival. They can communicate that with their delivery driver through the portal.

Whether grandma needs her medicine delivered with a kind smile, a print shop needs to get t-shirts to a school sporting event, or a child in Pennsylvania needs a transplant organ from 14 hours away, Bluffs Logistics drivers are always ready and willing to deliver with exceptional speed and customer service.

Bluffs Logistics is based out of the Omaha area with daily runs to Kansas City, Des Moines, Sioux Falls, Sioux City, Lincoln, Grand Island, and Kearney. For more information, contact / (712) 789-1097 or go to