Bitcoin Day Omaha Announced for 2018

The Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder Meeting has been hosted in its current form for more than 33 years, first attended by only a few hundred investors. Those who caught the vision and bought the stock early have been wildly successful. With investments in companies across a wide variety of industries, Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger have proven that diversification is important, but what about decentralized systems and blockchain technology? Starting this year there will be a “Bitcoin Shareholder Meeting” where anybody is welcome, even if you don’t own any bitcoin yet. Alpha BTC (www.alphabtc.comwill help you get started on May 5th at the Marriott Omaha.

If you’re in town for Berkshire Weekend and need a break from waiting in long lines and standing room only crowds, come learn about how to buy, invest, trade, mine, and store digital currencies. Why does the price move as it does? How can I pass on my digital currency holdings to my grandchildren? What are all these other tokens that are available to purchase? Where should I go to buy coins and what do I do with them afterwards? What is a “public key?” You’ll get answers to questions like this and more.

As “The Face of Bitcoin in the Midwest,” Alpha BTC was started to educate individuals on what digital currencies are and how to utilize them. Based in Omaha, Nebraska, their focus is on working with investors and corporations of all sizes to integrate cryptocurrencies and blockchain into their existing business model and holdings. To find out more or to start using bitcoin, go to or call (402) 882-2088.