Best Care EAP Announces Monthly Virtual Training Session

Join Best Care EAP ( on Wednesday, December 8, from 9 – 10 a.m. for this month’s virtual training session, titled The Digital Dilemma: Balancing the Effects of “Screen Time.” Once again health experts are sounding the alarm over the dangers to our physical and mental wellbeing posed by excessive screen time – passive social media scrolling, excessive internet consumption, and video gaming. But what are we to do when the ongoing pandemic, among other things, is forcing us to rely more and more on technology to stay connected both personally and professionally? Are there ways we can “have our cake and eat it, too?” Enjoy the benefits of screen time without inflicting lasting harm on body and soul? The answer is YES! Join Best Care as they offer strategies for integrating screen time into a healthy lifestyle.

Best Care EAP is dedicated to helping employees and staff members focus on their jobs when problems in their personal lives get overwhelming. From on-site training to individual counseling, Best Care EAP provides a wide variety of wellness and online services that will boost productivity and morale. Contact Best Care EAP to learn more about the services offered. Best Care EAP can be reached at (402) 354-8000 / (800) 801-4182 / or visit their website for more information at