Berry Law Announces New Location in Omaha

Berry Law (, a leader in personal injury, criminal defense, and Veterans law, opened a new office in Omaha, Nebraska on March 1, 2021 and is ready to serve clients in the greater Omaha area with their legal needs. The new office, at 1414 Harney St., features an array of integrated technology and a client-centric environment designed to provide client comfort while delivering the highest standards of professionalism. Berry Law occupies the fourth floor of the building and has opened half of the floor to business while the other half will be added later this year to yield more than 10,000 square feet of working space. The downtown location provides easy access to the Douglas County Courthouse, at the same time providing its own parking garage for visitors. This is Berry Law’s third new office in Omaha in the last decade, with each location growing to approximately twice the size of the previous one.

“Our mission is to defend the rights of Nebraskans and our Veterans,” said Berry Law CEO and Army Veteran John Berry, Jr. “With our new facility, we will be able to expand our legal services and advance that mission in a meaningful way. While many aspects of law have become digital, there is still no substitute for being able to work with your clients in person in a comfortable space.”

Berry Law was founded in 1965 by legendary attorney John S. Berry, Sr. With more than 250 years of combined legal experience and 300 years of combined military service, the team at Berry Law is well equipped to handle the most serious legal needs. For more information, visit or contact Emily Schweitzer at (402) 466-8444 or