Bellevue University is developing a new masters program to educate scientists to become better business people. The program will be offered in Spring of 2014.  This Masters in Professional Sciences (MPS) is an innovative, agile and flexible educational program that has both an entrepreneurial and a corporate scientist track. The program will have a very applied approach in close collaboration with the business and startup communities. The aim is to close the educational gap between colleges and universities by teaching real life skills and put people in business and management roles that actually understand the science that is crucial to the company. Besides educating scientists and engineers to create economic value in their field, the program will bring a disruptive change to the educational landscape because of its unique flexible approach.

Bellevue University has the creative culture to foster and succeed in innovative educational programs. The University has a history of close connections to business and industry and has recently established the Center for Entrepreneurship and Market Capitalism (CEMC), which together with innovative programs like the MPS are conjoined efforts to bring educational outcomes closer to industry needs.

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