Bel Air Fashions is excited to announce they have just completed their year end, and are currently preparing for their new department launch this Fall.  Throughout the month of August, they will be adjusting inventory to make the physical room for the new category launch.  Until then most everything is reduced, and all designated sale merchandise is from regular stock.  This means there is plenty of terrific men’s and women’s items at tremendous clearance prices, and it is a perfect time to come in and replenish or build your wardrobe with quality merchandise.  This special clearance will not be repeated, it is a one-time event.  When the merchandise is gone, it’s gone!  Bel Air Fashions’ soon-to-be-announced department will compliment both professional and casual dress.  They have assembled a tremendous lineup of the best companies available in the category, fusing the best in professional and casual attire.

Bel Air Fashions is the same family owned business by the Lerner Family for the past three generations.  This transition is taking Bel Air Fashions to a whole new level in the retail clothing business. A new, updated Bel Air Fashions website is also coming soon and will showcase everything available at the store.

For more information, please contact Dick Lerner at (402) 740-9090 or by email at