Attic Solutions is pleased to announce they are now an official Duro-Last contractor.  Duro-Last is a premium flat roofing system known for its durability, low weight load and reputation as the coolest roofing surface available in the Midwest. Duro-Last welcomed Attic Solutions into its highly skilled inner circle of flat roof installers in June. In order to qualify for contractor status, both crews and management completed extensive training in estimating, consulting, planning, managing, installing and maintaining the custom roofs. They also will regularly travel to the manufacturer’s headquarters in Michigan for continuing education in the latest installation breakthroughs.

Attic Solutions specializes in attic ventilation, insulation, and roofing. Their exclusive HomeFIT system is a comprehensive attic system that maximizes home comfort and minimizes utilities. It combines multiple trade areas to ensure this critical crossroads is tied together properly. For more information visit or contact President Derek Leibert at (402) 981-1760 or by email at