Bel Air Fashions owner Dick Lerner had his most recent work, an article entitled “How to Buy that Perfect Suit,” published in the November 2013 issue of Fashion 360 Magazine.  Dick Lerner is a Certified Custom Clothier and Certified Wardrobe Consultant, as well as the author of the book and workshops, “Dress Like The Big Fish”®.  Lerner has conducted workshops for over 33 years to help men and women choose their working wardrobes.  He works extensively in transitioning military men and women into civilian careers (and into appropriate clothing), and also conducts workshops for students in high school and universities, and for businesses and organizations.  He provides wardrobe planning for many loyal clients and celebrities as well. You can view the article, “How to Buy that Perfect Suit,” at

Bel Air Fashions is the same family owned business by the Lerner Family for the past three generations.  They are currently preparing for their new department launch scheduled to be completed by the first of the year–a transition that is taking Bel Air Fashions to a whole new level in the retail clothing business. A new, updated Bel Air Fashions website is also coming soon and will showcase everything available at the store.  For more information about Bel Air Fashions, please contact Dick Lerner at (402) 740-9090 or by email at