Aradius Group ( is proud to say that they’ve maintained their Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) certification for over 15 years! The FSC certification signifies their commitment to protecting forests and their ecosystems, while also promoting social and economic well-being for local communities.

FSC is an international nonprofit organization that sets standards for sustainable forestry. When a forest or a product made from wood is FSC-certified, it means that the management practices adhere to strict environmental, social and economic criteria.
Aradius Group, formerly known as Omaha Print, is a leader in the commercial printing industry and is based out of Omaha. Along with printing, they offer direct mail, envelope printing, campaign consulting and have five solutions targeted to help companies hit their marketing goals.

From 1858 to 2023, many things about Aradius Group have changed, but one thing that hasn’t is their goal to keep their customers at the center of everything. Whether it is their commitment to quality, helping customers understand complex processes or even help customers reach more people. Aradius Group is proud and honored to celebrate 165 years in business. To learn more, visit or call (402) 734-4400.