When it comes to business, ALLO (AlloFiber.com) understands time is money. That’s why ALLO saves you both. Small businesses can now visit AlloFiber.com/Business and sign up for internet and voice services on their 100% fiber-optic network, saving you time – and money. No high-pressure sales tactics. No pricing gimmicks or surprises. Just the option of signing up for blazing-fast internet and crystal-clear voice from the comfort of your home or office.

ALLO’s basic fiber voice includes call waiting, conference calling, call transfer and caller ID, with many other optional features available. Fiber internet options include 500 Mbps and one GIG, with the option to add a free wireless router.

ALLO understands your business likely requires more than basic internet and voice services. As you build your internet and voice package, you can mark your interest in additional ALLO Business services such as fiber TV, managed services, cybersecurity, next gen firewall and/or cloud phone service. A friendly ALLO Business representative will reach out to build the rest of your package.

If your year is off to a fast-paced start, save time by building your package online. With ALLO’s 100% fiber-optic network, you’ll never go back to business as usual.

ALLO specializes in providing world-class communications and entertainment services by creating and operating gigabit communities. Currently serving over 35 communities in Nebraska, Colorado and Arizona, ALLO is supported by more than 1,500 team members. For more information about ALLO, go to AlloFiber.com or call (531) 600-7510.