Kelli Hansen RN, BSN, CMCN, LNC is pleased to announce she recently opened Advocate Nurses, LLC, which provides patient advocacy and legal nurse consulting services in the Omaha area.  Patient advocacy is focused on long-term care insurance assistance, nurse liaison, care coordination, wellness/safety visits and care transition services.

Advocate Nurses focuses on the health and well-being for their clients and their families.  Their goal is to improve the lives of their clients and reduce the stress and time constraints of their caregivers in navigating the healthcare system.

Kelli is also working in coordination with a soon-to-be national company called “A Voice 4 U LLC” that will specialize in and focus on patient advocacy/healthcare concierge services, including all aspects of services that a client may need.

For more information about Advocate Nurses, LLC, please contact Kelli at (402) 397-5352 or visit