365DailyHustle Completes Comprehensive Rebranding to Match Company’s Personality

In mid-March, Karissa Adkins completed a comprehensive rebranding of her business, 356DailyHustle (365DailyHustle.com), to better match the company personality that she has come to portray. The rebrand stems, in part, from the evolutions of the business to include more depth to the health-and-wellness coaching and speaking services she has offered in the last two years. The new portrayal focuses on teaching women how to BossUp, get healthy, and thrive in all areas of their lives. Karissa’s entirely new website (still at 365dailyhustle.com) not only offers free video training for women looking to lose weight, feel energized, and create unstoppable confidence, but it also allows her clients to access the full eight-module framework for Bossing Up! When you get to know Karissa, you also will see how the rebranding better matches her personality and boundless energy, too.

“I worked with a rebrand marketing coach out of Australia, and she said my existing website was ‘boring and blah—the opposite of you,’” Karissa said. “I love shiny, glitter, gold, and pink, and I want people to feel that energy when they land on my website. My whole identity is about vibrancy and energy, and the new colors and personality of my brand better match how I represent myself, both in person and on the phone or Zoom.”

In the anecdotes of the creative world, the meaning associated with vibrant gold and glitter like that at the center of Karissa’s new brand includes prosperity, wisdom, and power, while black is associated with power, strength, and authority, and pink adds the values of universal and love of oneself and of others—all among the goals that she helps her clients achieve in life. The rebranding helps her get back to the true roots of her passion— helping women Boss Up in their health, wellness, and balance to achieve a thriving life.

365DailyHustle offers signature coaching programs, which includes one-to-one VIP coaching, group coaching, and corporate training for women. Karissa is also a corporate speaker and offers training on a variety of topics, including work/life balance, burnout, wellness in the workplace, and goal-setting Masterclasses. For more information about Karissa Adkins and 365DailyHustle, visit 365DailyHustle.com or call Karissa at (402) 880-2142 and find out how she can help you or your employees Boss Up!