The Business Ethics Alliance (BEA, is excited to announce that the season premiere of The Business Ethics Podcast, The BEAPod, is here! The Business Ethics Alliance is proud of all the work they’ve done for over three years now and can’t wait for you to hear what’s next.

Kick off 2023 with The Business Ethics Podcast and sit in with host Blake Peterson as he breaks down the meaning of leadership with Brian Peckrill of the McGowan Foundation.

Teaching business ethics to the newest generation of #MBA students, the future of #CSuite Leadership, Brian outlines how we can get beyond toxic assumptions that are still in place, and move to a better reality, and that anyone is capable of becoming a leader. The McGowan Foundation is here to change just that.

The mission of the Business Ethics Alliance is to build leadership, strengthen organizations, and elevate Greater Omaha through positive, practical business education. The Alliance was legally established in 2008 as a standalone, not-for-profit entity. The Alliance has three founding partners: the Heider College of Business, Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce, and the BBB of the Midlands. Additionally, the Alliance is made up of Trustees around Omaha who act as a guild of business leaders who are ambassadors, supporters, and advisors of the Alliance’s mission. For more information, visit