The Brain Injury Alliance of Nebraska (BIA-NE, is committed to creating better futures for all Nebraskans through brain injury prevention, education, advocacy, and support. According to data gathered for the Nebraska Brain Injury Registry, an average of nearly 14,000 people are hospitalized by a traumatic brain injury each year. Sadly, these numbers don’t account for injuries resulting from strokes, aneurysms, infections, or undiagnosed concussions. With these numbers, it is increasingly probable that many people in the workforce have experienced a brain injury. From a construction accident to simply banging one’s head against a filing cabinet, a brain injury can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

The effects of a brain injury are not as obvious as some may think and affect employees’ job performance in ways like problems focusing, memory issues, and sensitivity to light, sound, and other environmental conditions. However, with proper accommodations, these individuals can thrive just as well as an employee without a brain injury.

The Brain Injury Alliance of Nebraska’s resource facilitation team can assist businesses and organizations in supporting their employees as they adjust to changes resulting from brain injury. This support can range from providing recommendations for workplace accommodations to working with employees to develop individualized coping strategies or offering education and training to reduce stigma about brain injury.

To learn more about the Brain Injury Alliance of Nebraska and to connect with a resource facilitator, email or call (402) 890-0606. You can find more information at