BFF Omaha to Open New BFF Gallery on 59th and Maple

After 10 years of operation, BFF Omaha ( is opening its new brick and mortar location at 59th and Maple Streets. In 2012, BFF Omaha began operations out of the private artist studios of JD Hardy and Alex Jochim, located at Petshop (2725 N 62nd St.). Experiencing years of growth and the need for additional space, BFF took over management of the Petshop building in 2018 and expanded it north to encapsulate 2727 and 2729 N 62nd St. as shared studio and office spaces, as well as BFF’s headquarters.

Located on Benson’s most visible street, the new BFF Gallery will be a collaborative office, studio space, and gallery, representing BFF Omaha’s offices and official “first stop” during monthly First Friday art walks—also offering limited public parking during these events. The gallery will be curated and managed by local mixed media artist, curator, and queer activist Ang Bennett. Currently acting as the creator and host of “ohMahART!”, Ang aims to focus on the critical and social approach to art as it relates to Blackness and Queerness.

As a community space, BFF Gallery will seek collaborations with selected community organizations and regional artists that align with BFF Omaha’s core values, Advocating for Education, Inclusion, Opportunity, and Unique Experiences (AEIOU!).

BFF Gallery plans to officially open its gallery and studio to the public during February 4’s First Friday art walk, but will also be open for a sneak peak and visitation during January 7 First Friday.

BFF Omaha is an Omaha-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit that is building community through arts engagement. BFF is comprised of 85% volunteers. For more information on BFF Omaha, Petshop, or potential collaborations with BFF Gallery, please visit For more information on ohMahART and BFF Gallery proposals, please visit /