The Better Business Bureau ( is gearing up for 2023 with some words of advice for small businesses. Scaling and sustainability will continue to be the primary focus for any small business owner in 2023.

Here are five business New Year’s resolutions that you may want to consider:

  1. Build a strong digital footprint – Aside from having a website, make sure you are building out a solid content marketing strategy that will help you create valuable content pieces that will drive engagement and sales.
  2. Promote your business consistently – Rather than waiting for the holidays to push larger promotions, find ways that you can creatively promote your business throughout the year. This ensures that you stay top of mind for your target customers.
  3. Personalize the entire buyer journey – The days of communicating “at” your target audience in hopes that they will buy from you are now a thing of the past. Know that 71% of consumers feel frustrated when a shopping experience is impersonal.
  4. Embrace an effective technology stack – From social media to email marketing, know that every single piece of technology you leverage to communicate with your customers must effectively impact your business goals.
  5. Reduce costs – Save money wherever you can without compromising quality. Reducing cost doesn’t mean that you focus merely on just overhead. There are various ways you can go about cutting back spending while also pushing for growth.

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